call sign KTDQ

Speed over ground: ~12 knots. Heading: East. Destination: active weather of the summer monsoon, to shed some light on the murky interactions at the boundary between warm sea and tropical atmosphere.

A suite of instruments probing the atmosphere above the ship: far left on the railing is a microwave sounder, inside the open container a W-band radar, and hosted on the center mast are direct-covariance flux instruments.

Preparations in Port

The first two days on the ship reminded me of moving into a new home—lots of unpacking, assembling, and cleaning. However, instead of building IKEA furniture for your living room, we were assembling instruments and lab spaces. Enjoy some photos from the two days at port in Chennai, India, and stay tuned for more updates from sea!   J.H.

Welcome aboard!

Welcome to the MISO-BoB (Monsoon Intra-seasonal Oscillation in the Bay of Bengal) pilot cruise aboard the R/V Thomas G. Thompson! For the next three weeks we will chase rains and winds, making measurements between ocean and atmosphere in the Bay of Bengal. As a team of oceanographers and meteorologists we aim to better understand the monsoon over the northern Indian Ocean, producing better forecasts in the future!

This blog is a purely personal notebook with contributions from a few students and researchers on board, to offer family, friends, and curious visitors a window into the excitement and day-to-day life at sea on board a research ship. We hope you enjoy!

Wispy early morning clouds over the  R/V Thompson docked in the port of Chennai, India